Thanks for visiting! I am Clement Boudereau, I write code since 2001 and professionally since 2004.

My first love was PHP + Javasript + Flash (nobody’s perfect :o)). I wrote javascript code when jQuery was not yet created and I wrote one of the first AJAX framework and my first i-mode mobile app for a french startup called “La Cantoche Production” in 2004. I contributed to PHP Copix Framework and spip (php + flash plugins). After that, I got bored to wait a decent PHP 6 (I had worked with php3, 4 and 5, perl and the dear cpan!) and I was decided to get another experience.

I tried functional programming thanks to the french mathematician Alain Prouté by using Anubis.

At the same time I made a POC with .Net framework 1.1 (ffmpeg for a streaming server) but it was quite similar to Java (I was writting an ASP3 version for a client and it was a horrible experience!). After dealing with it I switch to Java for 1 year and when .Net Linq was released in v3.0 Framework, I was convinced to switch to .Net professionally.

In 2010 I worked professionally with .net csharp com interop and the old VB6 (And yes, starting with .net and com + vb6 + windebug is the hard way but it was really funny!).

I passed my night classes for an engineering degree at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et métiers) with the highest honour and I was learning oCaml during this period. My first experience was very hard due to theory part (functional programming) + ML language syntax to learn at the same time and it was very hard to get the concept.

In the mean time, I discovered that fsharp was a port of oCaml on .net. I was falling in love with fsharp thanks to type providers features and since 2012 I work with fsharp most of my professional time.

I like to contribute to open source project, share experience with others thanks to Meetup, Kata, … (and drink beer after :)).

I am also interested in 3d, welding, motorbike, mechanic, music (drums and bass), roller skates and I love rubik’s cube.

GitHub: cboudereau

Twitter : @cboudereau

3dwarehouse : cboudereau