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By @cboudereau

24 Dec 2017

[Books] Sketchup for dummies review

Sketchup is easy to use but to mastering it and creating wonderfull things you need some help. Sketchup for dummies! For dummies ? Don’t be shy and try the experience thanks to Rebecca Huehls

18 Aug 2017

Why we use fsharp data in prod

I am currently working at a company that deal with hundreds of connectivities (apps protocol and domain adapters + big data). Since 2014 we have used fsharp data progressively in production (I use fsharp in prod since 2012).

09 Aug 2017

Parser Combinator in real life

I had to write an application that handle 2200 msg per second. This application consist of indexing and compress data with 7z. And here is why I use a parser combinator.